Joker Solo Film?

by | Aug 23, 2017

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Since 1940 generations of Americans know the laugh of The Joker all to well. He’s easily one of the most terrifying villain in the world of comics, and according to Deadline, WB is looking to make a Joker solo origin film. Needless to say that as I was coming home from running errands, this was the last thing I expected to hear. Read further on my thoughts on Joker’s upcoming origin film.

To tackle the biggest controversy is that this film wants to tell the origin of The Joker, or at least it’s a controversy to everyone who hasn’t touched a comic since the mid 80’s. I can’t even begin to count how many times a different writer tells “the origin of The Joker” only for it be an elaborate hoax or it’s pushed aside at some point down the road for whatever his actually origin will be. Hell the mainstream audience probably thinks the Joker is still Jack Napier, and not some out of luck comedian who only wanted to help his pregnant wife. Remember, the Joker prefers his multiple choice past. So even if WB markets this film as the definitive origin of Joker, remember it most likely won’t be in a few years.
What does have me intrigued is the fact that legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be producing the film, this alone has me sold the movie for me. Now obviously my opinion can change over time, but the idea of seeing the grittiness of Gotham City through the cinematic lens of Scorsese is just to good of an idea that I want that vision to come true. Even though Scorsese won’t be directing, it’s hard to imagine his influence won’t be felt.
Oddly enough, this film won’t be apart of the DCEU. Apparently this film is going to be under a different banner which will allow WB to tell different stories with their characters. Personally I find this aspect of this move to be dumb. the casual audience is already confused as is, by saying this isn’t in the same continuity as the other films might hurt it’s potential box office. Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe now that we’re reaching the apex of the superheroes in cinema, maybe audiences will want to watch something that doesn’t connect to a bigger universe. What are your thoughts on these particular subjects? Let me know in the comments below!