Justice League Dark Finds Its Director

by | Aug 25, 2016

The DCCU just got a whole lot more mystical. In news that has stunned social media, director Doug Liman is signed on to bring mysticism of the DCU to the big screen. No official comment has been made by WB themselves, but given this report via Variety I’m sure an announcement is impending. But just who are the Justice League Dark and who should be on this magical roster?
While I am super enthusiastic that this particular DC project is actually moving forward, I am still depressed that Guillermo Del Toro departed from this project last year only because Del Toro’s visual style for set design would have a perfect marriage between him and mystical side of the DC cinematic universe. While Doug Liman isn’t the person I would have thought to pick at all, but I’ve enjoyed all of his films to date (especially Edge of Tomorrow) I will be forever wanting Del Toro’s vision of this particular group of heroes.
Now the ultimate question is which characters should ultimately make the final roster? I don’t have actors in mind at this juncture but I’ll go ahead and list the five characters that I would personally want to see brought to life on the big screen. Some are pretty obvious, but with a movie like this the more obscure characters the better.
The first obvious choice has to be Zantanna: Mistress of magic! With the DCU filled with the stink of “no fun” to mainstream audiences, Zatanna is the perfect character to bring levity to a film that will most likely be draped by the lack of color. Which ever actress portrays Zatanna could be a breakout star, hopefully they’ll keep her in iconic stage show costume.
Constantine is the second obvious choice for this film. He would fit perfectly as the lone wolf who has to play nice for the sake of the greater good. Constantine’s smart ass personality and overall jaded look on life would be a fun counter balance to the rest of the roster. Plus it’ll be fun to see him and Zantanna clash on whatever problem the film has the team face.
For comic books fans Boston Brand aka Deadman is an obvious choice and it would round up the trinity of characters that Justice League Dark see’s as it’s main protagonist. While both Zantanna and Constantine use magic Brand actually being a ghost would bring something that hasn’t been seen in a big screen superhero blockbuster. A Ghost helping the good guys for once.
Seeing as how I’ve chosen two men, why not another woman to the roster. Amethyst brings the swords and sorcery element to Justice League Dark and her home world of Gemworld could serve as a reason why this random group of heroes comes together. I’m not to familiar with Amethyst myself outside of the issues of Justice League Dark she appeared in. It’s really her unique visual design that makes me want to see her in this film.
Every team needs a powerhouse of some kind and while there are other well known DC characters who could fit this final slot but seeing Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. on the big screen would be phenomenal. This isn’t a Frankenstein that is just your dumb lumbering monster, this version of the classic Hollywood monster has his own personal motivations and depth that might be lacking on the team so far. Also he rides a motorcycle into battle, think about that image and think how awesome it would be to see it on a Imax level screen?
So those are the characters who I feel should be on the team’s initial roster. This is one I’ll be covering until the movie is officially released, so for now let the speculation begin!

Justice League Dark: TBD