Justice League Official Trailer Talk

by | Mar 30, 2017

This trailer has been out for an eternity in internet time, but I wanted to examine this trailer frame by frame looking for the smallest of details. I didn’t want to come here and just post my pure hype thoughts, a little constructive criticism is great every now and then. Did this trailer reassure me that this movie can still be great? Or is another Batman V. Superman? Spoilers ahead!

For those that complained that DC films don’t have humor, well it looks like the film listened as this trailer is littered with quips, fun comic references that actually don’t feel forced. Well Batman dropping the “I’m rich” line while funny, doesn’t sound like something Bruce Wayne would say but even serious characters need moments of levity every now and then. While it was short, there were two clips showing Cyborg’s past and The Flash’s dad being in prison, and based on that we might have small flashback sequences to give Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg a small origin before the big action begins.
If you paused at the right moment, then you’ll notice a huge battle sequence and it’s clearly between Parademons and Amazons. I’m hoping this isn’t the final battle (because that would be a huge moment ruined), but rather the fight between the Amazons and Parademons is something from the past because I can’t help but feel that the Atlantis will play a huge factor in this film, simply because Jason Mamoa has the makings of being the breakout it and the fact that Mera is shown. Now I could be wrong and this scene featuring Mera is just a cutaway from whatever huge battle the Justice League happen to be in.
The only thing that really irked me with this trailer was seeing Cyborg’s helmet actually turn into an Iron Man helmet while taking off. Did none of the production team see the final design for this sequence, step back for a second and say “this looks to similar to Iron Man” I’m guessing no. Outside of that, this trailer has reassured me that WB has learned from their mistakes and will deliver an experience that comic book fans won’t forget.