Legendary Editor Karen Berger To Start New Imprint At Dark Horse Comics

by | Feb 22, 2017

If the name Karen Berger doesn’t mean anything to you, and you are a fan of the current era of comic books then you have some history to read up on. Which is why I’m here to give a little detail on she’s an important figure in the world of comics, and starting a new imprint at Dark Horse is such a big deal.

I’m gonna write down a list of names and whoever is reading this I want you to count how many of them are either house hold names or cult favorites. Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Brian K. Vaughn, Neil Gaiman, Jason Aaron, Warren Ellis, Steve Dillon, and I could go on and on with this list but the point is that for in the mid 80’s up until 2012 Karen Berger help usher in a new area of comics. While last week I discussed the importance of the Image 7, Karen Berger’s formation of the Vertigo line would push comics in a more mature line.
She understands what certain creators will do when given specific projects they can make cherished runs that have that all time feeling when they are still being published. When people think of “mature” the vulgar minded go to TnA shots and over use of drugs to shock the audience. Berger and her team made mature meant more interesting characters, deeper story lines yet also still keeping in tact what makes comic books unique. Comics under Karen Berger still kept the visual flare but giving us characters that match said flare.
I have nothing but high expectations as she attempts to recreate the magic that first began at DC in the mid to late 80’s. I’m hoping that her new imprint isn’t just her calling on veteran names but fresh new writer and artists who need a platform and guidance from an experienced editor like herself. What do you think of Karen Berger’s move to Dark Horse? Let me know in the comments below!