Legion Trailer from San Diego Comic Con

by | Aug 5, 2016

While everyone and their mother’s gushed over the trailers from Warner Brothers and Disney respectively there was a project that I fear slipped beneath the cracks. Both FX and Marvel television team up to bring you the unlikeliest mutant to the small screen. Ladies and gentlemen, meet David Haller aka Legion.

When it comes to the list of characters from the X-Men universe, there are dozens upon dozens of characters who easily could star in their own show. At first glance Legion (the son of the Charles Xavier in mainline continuity) is an odd pick giving that he isn’t really a popular X-Men let alone a popular mutant. David Haller himself did have a short lived series back in 2011 titled X-Men: Legacy which delved into his character, so perhaps that will be the biggest influence to the FX lead show starting in 2017. Especially since Legion’s biggest claim to fame was starting the Age of Apocalypse.
However before I even looked at the trailer, after overcoming my initial skepticism I knew this show would be made with the highest of quality. With critically acclaimed hits like Fargo, The Americans, and American Horror story (not to also mention other shows that have ended recently) amazing television has become synonymous with FX. Looking at the trailer itself, it looks and feels like a show that belongs on FX, namely with how the show is lit (do all FX shows have the same lighting crew?) but it maintains its own unique identity, making it standout from anything else that FX will put out in 2017, outside of the lighting of course.
Of course when talking about live action comic book properties, there’s always a question on whether or not a series will connect to the mainline series. In this case will Legion be apart of the X-Men cinematic universe, and according to Screen rant Legion will not connect to the X-Men universe, but the MCU instead is still unconfirmed with nothing solid to make said claim. Personally I hope Legion is a standalone series that doesn’t tie to either universe, but instead focuses on telling the best story it can tell with a Omega level mutant, who suffers from personality disorder.

Legion debuts in 2017 as an 8 episode series.