Like A Phoenix

by | Sep 21, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen Marvel is actually bringing the original Jean Grey back to life. If you’re a new reader to the world of Marvel comics, but the current Jean Grey running around the MU is not the same Jean Grey that died in 2001. I can hardly believe that it’s been seventeen years since the beloved Jean Grey actually died and many fans she would be back within a year and boy were they wrong. Read further on for my thoughts on Jean Grey’s resurrection.

Call me an old fart, but I’m not a fan of bringing back the original Jean Grey. Death is such a joke in comics, for the longest time Jean Grey was part of that revolving door (or appeared to be apart of said door). I personally loved that Jean Grey stayed dead, it allowed the X-Men to move in different directions story wise. Is it difficult to tell new interesting stories with characters that already exist instead of reviving characters who’s story actually ended?
Despite all that this has probably been Marvel’s game plan since they relaunched the X-Men titles earlier this year to a basic to basics approach. Jean Grey coming back is most likely part of that puzzle. What has me interested is that this will be a five issue mini series starting at the end of December. If this was a simple resurrection plot then her return should have been an over sized one shot. Chances are Jean Grey will either return at the beginning of the mini series or the last issue, it wouldn’t make sense if her return was somewhere in the middle.
I’m highly skeptical of Jean Grey’s return, I do not want a repeat of how her 80’s return happened. If this series retcons the events of her death in any fashion I’m calling immediate bullshit. I am perfectly okay with her being brought back in any other way, but do not retcon Logan stabbing her. I understand that Marvel doesn’t care about continuity these days, but some fans still do. What do you think about Jean Grey coming back? Let me know in the comments below!



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