Long Time Spider-Man writer Dan Slott Leaves For Iron Man

by | Jan 25, 2018


Ten years ago, Joe Quesada wiped away Spider-Man’s marriage. A deal with the devil that forever altered the wall crawler. Spider-Man shipped three times a week and enlisted a crack team of writers and artists to give Spidey the shot in the arm that he needed. Dan Slott would eventually get solo writing duties and create some interesting stories. Now after ten years Dan Slott will be leaving Amazing Spider-Man in July 2018. Read further on for my thoughts on Dan Slott’s departure from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Long Overdue

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Wise words from Harvey Dent, and that sentiment applies to Slott’s run on Amazing. At the start of his run I love the ideas he brought to Spidey. Slott managed to bring fresh new ideas to Spidey, however I felt that he overstayed his welcome. I honestly didn’t detest what Slott was doing with Peter Parker, after six years let alone ten year I needed a different voice. I was the same way when Bendis continued to write the Avengers after Siege (way back in 2010). Thankfully he created Cindy Moon aka Silk during his run so I have that much to be thankful for.

Who Should Take Over?

Now this might be the toughest question of them all. The easy answer would be Chip Zdarsky, current writer of Spectacular Spider-Man. It wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel ends up canceling Spectacular before July. Then bring Zdarsky on in August or late September. The only other current Marvel writer I could see take over is current Doctor Stranger writer Donny Cates. I’m not unfamiliar with his writing but if Marvel goes in that direction I wouldn’t be against it. In today’s current comic market there are very few high profile writers that jump to mind, so it’s difficult to say who would take over Spider-Man. My personal dream would be to have Joe Kelly return, because that man wrote some of the best wall crawler stories in the past ten years.
What are your thoughts on Dan Slott’s departure? Who should take over Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments below!