Make Mine Marvel?

by | Dec 30, 2017


At some point in your life, you wanted to create a comic. Which would lead to someone in our lives various books on how to draw the Marvel way. The Marvel Universe has inspired dozens upon dozens of creators to create their own universes. Well now Marvel wants you to actually create comic using their characters. What could possibly go wrong? Read further on for my thoughts on this project.

Marvel Restrictions?

As with anything to do with creating something online, they’re restrictions. Here’s a list of what you can’t do with this new app. It is a bit perplexing that Marvel isn’t allowing elements that are told in the comics they publish on a weekly basis. Some of them I completely understand, but the message from the House of Ideas is pretty clear. Tell short stories with no deep themes. If anything this could a modern version of 80 page giants, but a watered down version.

What’s Potentially Good?

If you want to become a pro comic book creator, I wouldn’t rely on this new app. Chances are most creators hungry for MU work won’t but I’m sure will try to tell their story within this app. I think this app could be great for someone in middle school or high school. Through this app they could learn the basics of sequential storytelling. Granted that the number of resources on how to create comics grows every day, one more simple resource can’t hurt. Given how limited this app is going to be, I’m not optimistic that it will catch on with casual comic readers, but if this manages to spark one child to create comics then I would consider this app a success.
What are your thoughts on this app? Let me know in the comments below!