Marvel Announces Marvel: Generations!

by | Apr 6, 2017

Are you ready for a nostalgia trip? Well if you’ve been hankering for vintage Marvel comics, Marvel has announced Marvel: Generations which pairs the current version of characters with their more iconic counterparts. In other words, this book appears to be about legacy. What are my thoughts on this? Read further on to find out!

So what exactly is Marvel: Generations? Well since Marvel wants to continue to play the legacy game that DC has played for over 60 years, this series will feature ten different characters where current characters who have taken the mantle from established heroes tag team with their earlier counterparts and in some cases their younger selves. There is no official word if Alex Ross is drawing all 10 issues, but I’m gonna go with no, for now. Given that I’m not the biggest Alex Ross fan that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my eyes.
The list of pairings is as follows Iron Man (Tony Stark and Riri Williams), Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan), Thor (Odinson and Jane Foster), Hawkeye (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop), Hulk (Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho), Jean Grey (young and older), Wolverine (Logan and X23), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers), and Captain America (Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson). Given that Secret Empire starts in a few weeks and Marvel fans will once again be inundated with the twice yearly company crossover, so this could serve a a great escape from the onslaught of event fatigue. Just from my perspective it looks like this will be a series of one shots, which is great for readers since they’re not forced to read the entire series but pick and choose what you want. Although given that most comic readers I know are completionists they’re going to buy all ten one shots. What are your thoughts on Marvel Generations? Let me know in the comments below!