Millar World Meets Netflix

by | Aug 11, 2017

So if you would have told me that Netflix would be buying a comic book imprint, I would have said “Netflix did what now?” Well it looks like Netflix has acquired Millarworld. What does this mean for previous Millarworld works that have become movies? What projects should take priority? Read further on to hear my thoughts on this new development.

Now allow me to play conspiracy theorist for just a moment, but in related news Disney will be pulling all its content from Netflix starting in 2019. That means all Marvel cinematic (not sure about the Defenders) will not be on Netflix. So what does this have to do with Millarworld? Despite the naysayers, superheroes are one of the most popular things in today’s current pop culture. Acquisitions and departures don’t happen overnight, so it’s pretty safe to assume that Netflix knew this was coming.
So with Disney pulling content, Netflix is doing what it does best now. Creating original content for it’s vast number of subscribers, and pretty much all of Millarworld’s series run the gambit of a variety of genres. This isn’t a licensing deal, so Netflix (and I would hope Mark Millar and all the artists he’s worked with) would get more from people watching. Given how raunchy and over the top Mark Millar comics tend to be, I couldn’t think of a better home for them other than Netflix. Now all this begs the question, which series should debut first? Personally if I have to pick one series that I would love to see adapated, it’s Chrononauts. It could have the broadest appeal to general fans plus I would love to see how they would bring to life the shenanigans of the series to the small screen.
What Millarworld property do you want to see on Netflix first? Let me know in the comments below!