Mr. Oz's Identity Revealed?!?!

by | Sep 15, 2017

One of the bigger mysteries of DC:Rebirth was revealed this week. Unlike other news outlets, I won’t spoil who it is just in case you haven’t read this issue yet or are a trade waiter. Without going into further details, let’s just say Action Comics #987 doesn’t have me fully convinced that the character revealed as Mr.Oz is not convincing me in the slightest. Read further on for my theory behind Mr. Oz’s reveal! Spoilers are to follow, you’ve been warned.

Okay if you’re reading this then you already this week’s issue of Action Comics or you just don’t care about spoilers. After over a year of buildup to who Mr. Oz actually was, his true identity is…….. Jor-El of the planet Krypton. Yes you read that sentence correctly, Superman’s biological father has been the phantom menace for Superman since Rebirth started. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really skeptical that Jor-El has been behind the chaos occurring in Superman’s daily life.
Even though we did get a reveal, I’m still holding my bet that Mr. Oz is still Ozyimandias from Watchmen. We already know that Doctor Manhattan created the New 52, and that The Comedian played three iteration’s of the Joker so it would only make sense for Ozyamandias in this role and against Superman of all people. Plus if you remember the ending of Watchmen Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias came to some sort of agreement in how the world functions I wouldn’t surprised if by the end of this arc in Action Comics, we get another reveal of Ozymandias and Manhattan talking to each other. See in my view, The Oz Effect is servicing as a prelude to Doomsday Clock in November.
So if you had the reveal of Jor-El as Mr Oz ruined for you, if you’re interested in the mystery narrative of Rebirth then you need to pick up Action Comics #987. What are your thoughts on this reveal? Let me know in the comments below!