Multiple Man Movie?

by | Nov 29, 2017

Okay…..just give me a moment here. We already know that Fox has been willing to make X-Men films that aren’t superhero blockbusters. Logan and next years New Mutants are evidence of Fox actually thinking outside the box. Well it looks like Fox wants to really test the waters with their experimentation with James Franco starring in a Multiple Man movie

As someone who has read X-Factor within the past ten years, on paper I could easily see a well done Multiple Man movie. On the surface Jamie Madrox just seems like a one note mutant who doesn’t the same pathos as say Wolverine and any other X-Men but there’s enough solid source material to construct a solid 2 hour film. My hope is that this movie will be a true noir film, a murder mystery that only Jamie Madrox can solve. I just hope it’s not a comedy, and I only write that because James Franco is the lead. It’s still to early to tell after all.

Can The Film Succeed?

The only real hurdle that might hold this film from being a success is that nobody in the world knows who Jamie Madrox is. I’m willing to bet that if you go up to a 100 people and show them a picture of Madrox and it’s a safe bet that people won’t be able to pick him out of a lineup. Logan was able to ride the acting and popular prowess of Hugh Jackman combined with fans love of his portrayal of Wolverine. The big test to see if Madrox might resonate with audiences depends on how New Mutants performs. I only say because New Mutants is Fox’s first mutant film where the general public doesn’t have a history with the main cast.
I believe that James Franco could carry this film on his name alone, because him as Jamie Madrox is almost perfect casting. What are your thoughts on a Multiple Man movie? Let me know in the comments below!