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Sketchbook Comics and GamesSketchbook Comics & Games

Sketchbook Comics & Games is a magnificient comic book store located in St. Catharines, Ontario in Canada.
Aside from having all the latest comics, they host a variety of games and events for their patrons.
If you’re ever in the Ontario area this is definitely the hot spot for comics, games and all out fun!


Spidey and the Gems of OooSpidey and the Gems of Ooo

Spidey and the Gems of Ooo is an amazing Facebook community in which we are proud to announce a partnership. Not only do they share the same love of comics but of all things animated as well. Join the group today and jump in to the discussions!



Tommy MarreroThomas Marrero

A little over two years ago, Thomas Marrero began his endeavor of becoming a full-time artist, spreading love, and inspiring the world through art. Find out more about Tommy Marrero.



Pure GeeksPure Geeks

Pure Geeks is a place for all comic book, video game, sci-fi, fantasy, toy, and all around geek lovers. Whether that be through reading comics or watching movies about or playing video games or table tops. Anyone who is into comic related stuff is welcome, so come Check us out!