Tommy Marrero

Tommy Marrero

A little over two years ago, Thomas Marrero began his endeavor of becoming a full-time artist, spreading love, and inspiring the world through art.

In that short amount of time, Thomas, who is based in Kansas City, has established himself as an artist and built a clientele spanning across the United States, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Thomas’ artistic journey began when he was a child in Bronx, NY. It was here where artistic family members shared their knowledge of graffiti lettering, calligraphy, and cartoon replication. Thomas absorbed everything he was taught, and he quickly adopted comic and cartoon drawing as a favorite childhood hobby.
As Thomas grew older, he began drawing Manga and designing tattoos. These designs, as well as his comic art, brought attention to his talent and catalyzed his desire to further pursue art.

With no formal training but with endless drive, Thomas began pushing himself to learn new skills, techniques, and styles. His style preferences include dimensional abstract, art deco, comic, and black light/UV Reactive. He primarily uses acrylic paint, India ink and Aerosol. He utilizes mixed media to create unique effects that set his artwork apart from others. Thomas continually challenges himself to expand his skill set and master technique.

Thomas often signs his completed artwork as Rumin8, reflecting the emotion, thought, and energy that inspire his artistic process and that he hopes will emanate from his work.

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