New Catwoman Series Coming This Summer By Joelle Jones

by | Apr 10, 2018


In case you’re living underneath a rock, the Bat and the Cat are getting married. However just because Ms.Kyle will become Mrs. Wayne (if she takes Bruce’s last name that is), doesn’t mean Selina will be tied down. Coming this summer DC will relaunch Catwoman and it will be written and drawn by Joelle Jones. Read further on for my thoughts on Catwoman’s new solo series.

Catwoman Will Be DC’s Best Looking Book

In current era of comics, it seems the idea of “superstar” artists has diminished. Writers tend to get the “superstar” treatment these days. Which is terrible only because Joelle Jone’s art is so gorgeous. Her storytelling is so crisp, and her character is near perfect. She brings a cinematic feel to each comic she draws without having the comic mimic a movie. Just go look at her recent issues of Batman that she’s drawn, and you’ll be convinced this book will look beautiful.

Joelle Jones Will Write A Excellent Selina Kyle

For those that might not be aware, Joelle Jones is also a very talented writer. While she hasn’t written for DC yet, she does a have Eisner nomination for her series from Darkhorse Lady Killer. While Jones doesn’t have library of work that others creators do, the work that is there speaks for itself. It’s hard to discuss what the series will be about since this issue comes out the same day as Batman #5oth aka the wedding issue.
Could DC actually call of the wedding at the last minute? If there goal is to sell Catwoman comics, her walking out on Bruce would definitely encourage people to pick up the first issue. Personally I don’t believe that will happen, but it’s all up in the air at this point. What are you’re thoughts on The Cat getting another solo series? Let me know in the comments below!