New Inhumans Comic Debuting In 2017

by | Nov 24, 2016

Despite that the event Inhumans Vs. X-Men doesn’t kick off till next week, Marvel has already announced Not just one, but two brand new Inhuman books. So it seems that Marvel isn’t giving up on pushing the Inhumans as a bigger part of the Marvel Universe. So let’s take a closer look at the latest books featuring Jack Kirby’s favorite creation!

Out of the two series announced, the fact that Blackbolt has his own series is the most perplexing one because this is a character who has been part of an ensemble cast since his introduction in the 1960’s. In order for this book to be good a lot of the storytelling has to come from the art. Yes inner monologues are a thing but with Blackbolt his body posture should tell you how he’s feeling at any given moment. I’m not exactly familiar with Christian Ward’s work to know whether or not he’s the proper fit so it’s pretty much a wait and see. While I am glad that Marvel is bringing in new blood with Saladin Ahmed (a best selling author) a shot with this character, comics are a different medium. I have no guardianship over Blackbolt as a character, but I always have the perception new blood can bring in a fresh take on an old character. Hopefully both Ahmed and Ward can find that magic to make Blackbolt’s first solo series a special one.
As for the other Inhuman book titled “Royals” I’m personally happy that the Inhumans will be blasting off into space. Ever since Attilan crashed in New York City during the infinity event, the Inhumans become a bigger factor within the Marvel Universe. From my own two eyes they took over the premise that the X-Men held since the late 60’s, recruit, save, and defend their kind. So consider me happy that the Inhumans want to find out more about their origins. While I don’t consider myself a fan of these characters I am against learning about something that hasn’t been explored for a reason.
Let’s look at Wolverine as an example, for decade one of the many things that made Wolverine cool to readers was his mysterious past. Readers were only given glimpses and hints. When Marvel actually told the origin of Wolverine the consensus is that it didn’t meet fan expectations. Now I’ve never questioned or wondered more about the terrigen mist, I just took it as part of how the Inhumans operated. Who knows maybe the origin of the terrigen mist will actually be interesting and not at all disappointing. What do you guys think of the latest Inhuman direction post IVX? Let me know in the comments below.