New Injustice 2 Cinematic Trailer!

by | Jan 18, 2017

Injustice 2_Announce Art
Given the lack of any sort of promotion for several months, you might have forgotten that Warner Brothers will be releasing Injustice 2 in just a matter of months. I wanted to write about Injustice 2 anyways, but this new cinematic trailer reveals a bit more about this highly anticipated game.

While none of the footage shown in this trailer is in game footage but my draw absolutely dropped at how well animated it was. Heck I hope most of the story mode cut scenes look this amazing. Having said that, the in game assets for Injustice 2 also look breathtaking and it goes to show that for the sequel Netherrealm Studios is sparing no expense for this game.
As for the trailer itself, it seems to me that Batman is slowly becoming the tyrant he fought so hard against in the previous game. While there was no visual representation of Brother Eye, seeing Batman surrounded by a monitor of computers makes me believe that we’ll see a form of Brother Eye (and of course OMAC) in action. While many speculated that Ra’s Al Ghul was going to the be villain of the game, but the trailer has led me (and others) to believe that Brainiac will be the final boss. While I loved Superman’s tyrant role from the first Injustice game I’m glad that he won’t be the main focus as far as villainy is concerned. Brainiac is so under utilized so seeing him in this major release makes me smile.
Finally we have the confirmation of that least one new character would be apart of the main Injustice 2 and welcome everyone’s favorite fem fatale as Poison Ivy joins the ranks! While I’m glad that Poison Ivy is in, I hope this doesn’t start a trend of putting in more Batman characters than any other characters. I want Injustice 2’s roster to reflect the current stat of the DC and not just fit Batman heroes and villains. On a final note, Darkseid (yes that Darkseid) will finally be a playable character but only if you pre-order ( and I detest having to purchase new game and have DLC on it before I even pop it into the disk! What are your thoughts on Injustice 2? See y’all later.