New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Both Delayed Till 2019

by | Apr 6, 2018


Patience is truly a virtue. Well that patience will be tested for X-Men fans, because more delays are abound. Both X-Men: Dark Phoenix delayed till Feb 14 2019 and New Mutants delayed till August 2019. With the current era of social media, making everyone “insiders” you can practically hear people call both of these films disasters before they open in theatres. Read further on for my thoughts on these delays.

New Mutants Doomed?

Unlike X-Men Dark Phoenix, this will be the second time New Mutants has been delayed. Reshoots are nothing new in the world of cinema. However for New Mutants to release a trailer and then be delayed twice is a troubling sign. Reshooting 50% of your film to add a additional character could be the spark the film needed or it could be the iceberg that sinks it. At this point it’s way to difficult to tell how the film will turn out. Personally I hope the film remains true to it’s horror roots.

No Concern for Dark Phoenix?

Thankfully the latest mainline X-Men film will only be delayed by three months. The article that I linked above has cited that it’s due to a scheduling conflict between Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. By the time the reshoots are done, the special effects crew would only have a few months to complete their work. The only concern I had was that this movie will be directed by a first time director. Granted the first time director has penned the previous X-Men films, so the story should be solid at bare minimum. If this film receives a second delay then I’ll be more concerned.

Mouse Interference?

Amid the speculation I have seen people accuse the Disney buying the entertainment aspect of Fox has something to do with this. First off the deal hasn’t even been finalized at this point in time. I know that people accuse Disney of having their hands in everything but that is far from the truth in this situation. What are your thoughts on these X-Men movies being delayed? Let me know in the comics below!