New Mutants Delayed

by | Jan 12, 2018


Just when it seemed all things were going well. I’ll admit the trailer for the upcoming New Mutants movie didn’t exactly wow me, the latest news leaves utterly shocked. The film has been delayed by ten months, so if you were looking forward to some spooks this April you’re gonna have to wait longer? Why was the film delayed? Will this kill interest? Read further on for my thoughts on this shocking news.

Typical Fox

Even though I’m still surprised that New Mutants ended up being delayed, I can’t say I’m completely surprise. Outside of the mainline X-Men films, Fox has been notorious for delaying films. Need I bring up Deadpool, which was was in development hell for seven years before it broke down barries for rated R comic book movies. Even before this delay, the upcoming Gambit movie was supposed to be out in 2017 but that deadline has long since past. Did Fox actually enough confidence in this film or did something unfortunate happen on set? Were not entitled to answers by any means, but it would help ease fears if a reason was given.

Was New Mutants Going To Be Bad?

Given that the trailer for New Mutants didn’t set the world on fire, most people will believe that the delay is due to quality. That could completely untrue because no one knows what the film will actually be like. It’s so easy for us to blame a bad script as to why a film gets delayed. There could be numerous factors as to why a film or anything is delayed. I want to believe Fox that perhaps they figured that early 2019 will give the film it’s time to shine. Remember this film was due to come out only weeks before Avengers: Infinity War and that could have sealed it’s fate. Let’s stop the speculation and just wait for Fox, we have other movies to enjoy.



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