New Mutants Horror Trilogy?

by | Oct 18, 2017

I don’t know what happened this weekend, but we got three new trailers from different Marvel properties that are debuting in the near future. I won’t write about Black Panther because I can’t put into words how great that trailer was. However I wanted to write about the The New Mutants trailer and what could be the start of a trilogy of horror films. Read more for my thoughts on The New Mutants.

I understand that Fox wants to tell experimental stories with mutants and for the past two films where they’ve done that they were both critical successes. If you stripped away the Marvel logo at the start of the trailer, you get a generic horror film trailer. Now a trailer isn’t the full film but I am seeing nothing unique about this film so far. In fact it feels very similar to the botched Fantastic Four reboot (namely when the FF and Doom got their powers), and how horrifying their transformations were. I’m not immediately dismissing the film at all, but I really hope the Demon Bear is something more than the typical movie monster. We already knew prior to this trailer that the New Mutants wouldn’t be wearing their traditional costumes, they need to give them something that is a callback to their comic book counter parts and no Illyana’s bangs do not count.
What’s even more interesting is that director Josh Boone has stated that this first New Mutants film was conceived as a trilogy. I love his ambition and while this project could be a hit I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean the film won’t have a solid conclusion. I want this film to be good simply because I would love more variety within the world of Superhero films but I hope this film can stand alone without worrying about future installments. What are your thoughts on the New Mutants trailer? Let me know in the comments below!