New Mutants=Horror?

by | May 26, 2017

New Mutants cover

Okay I’ll admit it, when I first heard wind that Fox wanted to make a spin off for New Mutants, I’ll admit I was on board. At first thought, this would just another big budget X-Men film that can peacefully coexist along the current X-Men mainline films but it seems that Josh Boone (director of the upcoming film) wants to make New Mutants into a horror movie. Yes you read that right, a horror movie. Read further on to read my thoughts on this.

So according to the interview, Josh Boone inspiration for taking The New Mutants movie franchise is Bill Sienkiewicz work on the series starting with issue 18. Now even though I’m a huge fan of the X-Men, The New Mutants is one series that I’ve never given a fair chance. However as I looked at some of the covers by Sienkiewicz, it is definitely a different tone then what I recognize the series from. So in one aspect it’s admiring that Boone looked to the source material to craft an original vision. After all isn’t new art just inspiration from previous works of art? Even though the lack of costumes does bug me out, I see this as Fox finally understands how they can separate themselves from Disney Marvel.
Let the MCU bring the big blockbuster action genre films, while Fox tells mature tales who happen to feature superheroes. They’ve already proven it’s a successful model with both Deadpool and Logan, so why not expand upon that idea. I highly doubt the main X-Men series will stop being the blockbuster films, but at least with the more obscure franchises, Fox can actually take risks. I’m honestly mixed at the whole idea of New Mutants of the direction this film is taking. It makes sense when you factor in what Fox wants to do, but I’m not excited about the lack of costumes for a new group of characters. I’ll have to see a trailer before I give more judgement on this. What are your thoughts on New Mutants being a horror film? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Marc Mordaunt

    I’m pretty excited about this actually. A well adapted Demon Bear movie would be insane.


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