New Nick Fury Solo Series This Year

by | Jan 6, 2017

I’m not going to lie, I figured that Marvel would have announced a solo series for Nick Fury Jr long before 2017. James Robinson and Aco will bring Marvel fans the first Nick Fury Jr. solo series and man do I have some opinions about this. For now let’s just say that I’m not excited for this, despite the talent on this book.

Just to give you some back round information, Nick Fury Jr first showed up as part of the Fear Itself aftermath title called Battle Scars where Marvel began it’s internal initiative of making the mainstream Marvel Universe mirror the MCU. Nick Fury Jr is not the Director of Shield but it a high ranking Shield officer, fast forward to 2013 and classic Nick Fury is removed from his iconic role and became The Watcher on the moon.
The biggest problem I have with Nick Fury Jr as a character is that he looks exactly like Sam Jackson and don’t get me wrong I loved Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in the Ultimate Universe, but when it’s part of the main Marvel canon it just screams of trying to get movie goers to read comics instead of promoting the classic characters that built the Marvel Universe. People are smart enough to understand the concept of different variations of a character so you don’t have to get rid of a classic character in favor for a nicer model. Not only that but the writers write Nick Fury Jr with the same levity as old Nick Fury and it just doesn’t work because he hasn’t been around nor has he done anything of real significance since his debut. Just look at Shield currently and Maria Hill is still in charge of it all.
With that being said, Marvel has picked a damn fine creative team and this team is the only reason I would even want to check out this new series. James Robinson is a master of comics, he understands how to get at the core of a character and make you invest in their journey and if you want current evidence check out his current run on Scarlet Witch. As for artist Aco I’m relatively new to his work but his work on Midnighter series was unique and extremely vibrant. Who knows maybe James Robinson and Aco can convince me to like Nick Fury Jr enough to read his solo series.
Are you going to read Nick Fury Jr’s solo series? Let me know in the comments below!