New Spider-Man: Homecoming Has Dropped

by | Apr 1, 2017

You know, maybe it’s just me but I keep forgetting that Spider-Man:Homecoming actually comes out this year. Maybe it’s the sheer amount of films that I want to see or is that I’m tired of seeing the wall crawler after five separate appearances. Let’s see if this trailer changes my mind and actually get’s me excited for this movie.

If you can forgive me for just a bit, but I’m going to rant. Normally I discuss aspects aspects of the trailer and what I liked and disliked just like a normal human being. However it appears the growing trend of movie trailers showing you the entire film, has bitten our favorite wall crawler. When the last Terminator film came out, I was skeptical but it looked like popcorn fun. Then they revealed that John Connor was the terminator for the movie therefore spoiling it before I’ve had the chance to watch it for myself.
The second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer pretty much tells you what the story is, what the big twist for the film will be and how the final battle will actually play out. My level of excitement for this film isn’t as high as one would expect for someone who consider Spider-Man his favorite superhero. It’s the combination of this spoiler filled trailer and that this is the sixth film starring Spidey. Yes it’s part of the MCU and seeing Iron Man play a huge role in it makes my 10 year old self scream with a level of enthusiasm that could destroy a mountain but 27 year old me just can’t muster up the energy. Was the trailer terrible? Yes it was, however I will see this movie with the hope that they have another Marvel/Sony have another trick up their sleeves.
To end on a positive note, seeing Michael Keaton as The Vulture seems generic, but given that it’s Michael Keaton I have no doubt that his weird charisma will find a way of stealing the show from Robert Downey Junior. What do you think of this Spider-Man:Homecoming trailer?