New Warriors Coming To Freeform?!

by | Apr 29, 2017

New Warriors
So it seems that Marvel/Disney isn’t content with controlling the movie business or even streaming services, with the debut trailer of Cloak & Dagger Marvel has another series ready to greet audiences in 2018. In complete shock, The New Warriors starring Squirrel Girl are the heroes picked to expand the MCU. Read further on to hear my thoughts on this new development!

I’ll admit that the first time I had any vetted interest in the New Warriors was when they initiated the original Marvel Civil War. Yes I’m aware they’ve been a team long before and they have their fans but it was never a group that really hooked me as a reader. In a perfect world instead of Agents of Shield, we would have had a New Warriors show and they actually kicked off Captain America: Civil War in the same fashion as the comics. The only thing we know about this show is that Squirrel Girl is set the be the lead, which I’m kinda baffling at.
Squirrel Girl is a character who I appreciate within the grander universe, however similar to New Warriors I never really cared enough about Squirrel Girl to read her solo adventures. The longest time I read anything with her in it was in New Avengers from 2012 to 2013. It could just be me assuming but I feel that Marvel has wanted to do something with Squirrel Girl outside of comics for the longest time so now would be a good of an opportunity as ever.
We know that Squirrel Girl is the only confirmed character as of now, the one member of the roster that will most likely not be apart of this team will be Richard Rider as Nova. Namely The Nova Corps in the MCU are vastly different so I highly doubt Richard Rider will make his debut in this show. I hope at least Speedball and Thrasher are part of this team. What are your thoughts on the New Warriors hitting the small screen? Let me know in the comments below!