New X-Men Book Announced For 2018

by | Nov 10, 2017

The actual return of Jean Grey doesn’t begin till December, but given that the comic book industry continues to solicit comics three months in advance (potentially ruining storylines), it seems that Marvel will be expanding the X-Men family with a new team lead by the returning Jean Grey. Tom Taylor is set to write the series, plus Mahmud Asrar on pencils, plus Travis Charest on covers. Read further on for my thoughts on this new X-Men title.

When I first say this bit of news, one thing that made me really excited about this new series (besides Jean coming back) is that Tom Taylor is finally writing a X-Men team book. For those that are not aware, Tom Taylor has been writing All New Wolverine for over two years now and each time I finish an issue, I kept asking myself “why isn’t this man writing a team book yet?” While Laura is the focus of All New Wolverine, Taylor has had X-Men guest star in the series and each of their voices sounded so right. Plus with Mahmud Asrar coming back to the X-Men family in my opinion immediately makes this the X-Men book to read come 2018.
So unless Marvel announces something before X-Men: Red debuts in February of next year, will Astonishing X-Men, X-Men: Blue, or X-Men: Gold still continue to be published next year. Out of the three titles mentioned the only one I can see sticking around is Astonishing X-Men since that seems to be the title for stories that don’t constantly connect with the mainline continuity. Unless Marvel actually sends the original five X-Men back to their original time period prior to the end of The Return of Jean Grey, I don’t see that title ending since it provides a different feel than the other two X-Men books listed. I could honestly see X-Men: Gold “ending” and components of that team and it’s story lines folded into X-Men: Red. Are you excited for X-Men: Red? Let me know in the comments below!