New Youngblood Series Coming Next Year

by | Sep 1, 2016

If you’ve followed me on twitter, I’ve christened this current era of pop culture as the era of nostalgia. Creators from each section of geek culture reviving properties for a whole new generation and it looks like Rob Liefeld wants to throw his hat in ring.

Before I go any further, I have to confess that I am a huge fan of Youngblood hell I’m a huge fan of early Image Comics. Even though I was only two years old when Image changed the industry back in 1992 I collected back issues of Spawn, Youngblood, Savage Dragon, and Wild C.A.T.S. and become enamored with their over the top stories and kinetic art style. The part of this story that warms my heart is Rob Liefeld discoverd artist Jim Towe via Twitter because of redesigns he posted on twitter shows me there is a good aspect to social media.
All this reminds when back in 2012, when Rob Liefeld relaunched Extreme with critical acclaimed titles like Prophet from Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, Glory by Joe Keating and Ross Campbell and while Youngblood was part of that relaunch it didn’t exactly catch fire like the previous two series mentioned. Looking at the new designs for Youngblood is a prime example of shedding the excess of what symbolized 90’s comics, yet when I look at the new iteration for this team it still see Youngblood. It maybe a small thing for one to notice, but seeing each members of the team have a distinct Y on their chest brings a uniformity, and it allows for each individual to have their own distinct personality.
My only real question for Rob Liefeld, Chad Bowers, and Jim Towe is how accessible will this iteration of Youngblood be accessible to newer readers, and based on the interview that Liefeld gave to Nerdy Pop that seems to be the case. It’s a delicate balance that the creative team will have to find if they want this book to succeed. Either way I’ll be picking up this series when it hits the stands in 2017 and even if you have preconceived notions of Rob Liefeld’s previous work this looks like it could be something special.

Check out the official reveal of All New Youngblood here!

Youngblood Hits the stands in April 2017