Ninja Batman?!

by | Dec 8, 2017


I might be a little late on this one, but I needed to write about this. Batman has numerous artist bring him to life and that continues into 2018. Ninja Batman is set debut next year and it looks great. Batman has always been considered a ninja but this film takes that idea to another level. Could lead to other DC heroes getting the anime treatment? Read further on for my thoughts on Ninja Batman.

Breath of Fresh Air

It pains me to say this trailer feels like a breath of fresh air. That’s not a statement that I enjoy writing, but I can’t deny the truth. WB animation in the past was the gold standard for superhero animation and that has changed over the past ten years. In short a majority of the DC animated films are visually awful to look at, which makes it difficult to enjoy. The only exception has been Bruce Timm’s movies but those are so far and few between. Not only does Ninja Batman look amazing but it also looks polished. Something that DC has needed for quite some time.

More To Come?

Even though this film won’t be out till next year, I want an entire DCU like this. I love seeing classic characters fit into historical settings. I can only think a handful of instances that this happened in comics, glad it’s getting the animation treatment. Hell even if we don’t another film set in a different culture, I want this team to work on more DC characters. Can you imagine a Green Lantern with this style? Think of the exotic aliens that we could see? What about a Flash movie? I would love to see how they depict speed. Even though I wasn’t aware this project existed until now, but I am super amped for it. What are your thoughts on Batman Ninja? Let me know in the comments below!