No Nick Fury?

by | Aug 18, 2017

nickfurytheavengerswwwwallpaperutopiacom‘Do you remember where you were when you saw Sam Jackson debut as Nick Fury? After the thrill ride that was Iron Man 1, Samuel Jackson basically opened up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with one scene. It seemed almost a foregone conclusion that Nick Fury himself would join the fight against Thanos next summer. Well Nick Fury won’t play any role in Infinity War or Avengers 5. Read further on for my thoughts on the lack of Fury in the upcoming Avengers films.

Maybe it’s just me and my fandom towards Nick Fury as a character, but leaving him out of Avengers: Infinity War is a big mistake. I understand the arguments that they’re to many characters as is, so what does Nick Fury bring to the table in the biggest film of all time? I’m not asking for Fury to play a critical role in Infinity War, but he deserves at least one badass moment. Remember we don’t have a MCU without Nick Fury stepping out of the shadows. Plus given that Sam Jackson himself signed a 9 picture deal, but only 7 have been fulfilled just leaves me scratching my head even more of his exclusion.
What’s even more bizarre is that Sam Jackson wanted to be in Black Panther, but wasn’t asked to be apart of the film. Personally I can understand if the writing team or producers couldn’t think of a logical way of including the former director of SHIELD, but no post credit scene either? Given that Winter Soldier is in cryostasis (due to the events of Civil War), it would be enough of a connection to have Fury and T’Challa in a scene together that perhaps leads into Infinity War. Adding on to this madness, is that according to Jackson himself he’s not even confirmed for Captain Marvel. I really hope this isn’t the start of a fallout between Marvel and Sam Jackson, hopefully I’m reading to much into the situation. What are your thoughts on the lack of Fury in upcoming Marvel films? Let me know in the comments below.