Okay maybe DCEU Is In Trouble

by | Sep 6, 2017

Justice League 2017
I would like to think I’ve been one of the biggest champions of the DCEU. Yes Batman V. Superman was a disaster by all accounts, but I still loved the spectacle of the film. As the march towards Justice League looms ever closer, the waters have begun to muddy. Is Warner Brothers backing out of the shared universe concept? Or is WB trying to create movies for those not interested in the shared universe? Read further on for my thoughts on this subject.

Despite my excitement for Justice League, it’s kinda bewildering to me that WB hasn’t done a massive marketing push for this film. This film should be bigger than the Avengers, since even the casual audience has a familiarity with these characters (yes even Cyborg). Maybe WB is waiting till October to start their push, but given that Marvel has been pumping out content for Thor Ragnarok, maybe WB doesn’t believe in their biggest film yet.
Flashpoint will be the story for the first Flash movie. That one sentence alone sends the message to me that WB doesn’t believe in the current state of the universe and will use this film as a means to “fix” certain aspects. I understand that they’re those who love this idea, but this just comes off as lazy and uninspired. Rather than letting the characters grow within the universe that’s already been established, let’s just use a Deus ex Machina to rewrite characters. It didn’t work for the New 52 and I don’t see it working for the DCEU.
Perhaps there is a good number of people who don’t want these shared universe stories, I can completely understand that. Making two different films starring the Joker, and making a Batman film not starring Bruce Wayne just screams of a rudderless ship. Even if enough people claim they want stand alone films (that happen to be apart of a shared universe). However you’re only going to confuse them when it doesn’t feel coherent to the rest of the films you’re producing. Part of me believes that this is WB’s way of starting a Vertigo type of studio. I would believe this if they’re first film for this was Joker’s origin. I want to still believe in the DCEU, but the recent news does not leave me hopeful. What are your thoughts on the current state of the DCEU?