One Year Later: Thoughts On DC Rebirth

by | Jun 29, 2017

Can you believe that it’s already been one year since DC launched Rebirth? Like many I had hopes based on the creative teams listed. Has DC fixed any of the problems that initially plagued the launch? Am I looking forward to year two of Rebirth? Read further on for my thoughts on DC Rebirth: OYL.

I want to get the negative comments right out of the way, but one of bigger problems that haunted a majority of titles that I read was the art. I understand that shipping books every two weeks that the interior art will be sacrificed. However this aspect seemed to only affect smaller titles like who would have a series of artists then another set come in right after. Yet for a title like Batman one artists (either David Finch or Mikel Janin) would draw an entire six issue arc, then a shorter arc would be provided then the main artists would come back for the next big arc. Both Janin and Finch both had a good amount of lead time to draw their respective arcs so isn’t it the same for other titles? It’s wishful thinking but consistent art is important to maintain a books integrity and I have to admit that DC failed in this aspect.
Now I haven’t read every single Rebirth title, but the titles that I did read brought new life to books. The perfect example of this is Superman, I was not a fan of DC taking away Clark’s iconic look and his powers just for the sake of being different, and while I initially wasn’t on board with Superdad, it’s grown to be one of my favorite books I read. It stays true to who Superman is, but putting him in a different dynamic which allows for fun new story telling opportunities. So even though the art has been rough for a majority of DC titles the stories themselves were memorable.
As for what’s next for Rebirth? Well it goes without saying that I eagerly await the confrontation with Doctor Manhattan. The future looks bright for DC, do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!