Personal Thoughts on RessurXion From Marvel

by | Nov 25, 2016

While this late news, I missed the initial window and most news outlets have moved on past this I wanted to give my thoughts on the X-Men. I’ve been a fan of these characters since the mid 90’s and since 2012 it seems like Marvel has done everything in their power to push down the importance of the X-Men.

As I mentioned in the Inhumans post I made a few days earlier I wasn’t the biggest fan of making the Inhumans taking over the role that the X-Men since Claremont and Byrne. It also goes without mentioning that outside of All New Wolverine non of the X-Men books have failed to capture that spark. Instead of pushing the X-Men into bold new directions, they reverted to an storyline that’s already been done. Now that the Inhumans will be leaving Earth, Marvel has announced several new titles under the ResurreXion banner.
The titles announced for spring 2017 are as follows Ice-Man, Cable, Jean Grey, Generation X, Weapon X, X-Men Gold, and finally X-Men Blue.
Right off the bat, the two books that have me scratching my head the most are Ice-Man and Jean Grey’s solo series. More than likely these two books will focus on the younger versions and I’m honestly not sure how to feel about that. Outside of Wolverine not to many X-Men interest me outside of a solo setting, I have no doubt that these books won’t be a good but the interest level just isn’t there. I wish only success for these two books and they find their audiences.
As for both Generation X and Weapon X I’m more interested in but still not sure whether or not I want put them on my pull list. I always love seeing how younger mutants react to their new world, so depending on the roster itself I might just add this. Weapon X on the other hand is a trope that has been dragged through the mud ever since Barry Windsor-Smith story and with many characters owning the title of Weapon X this could the return of Phantomex in a solo series or it’s the return of the original Wolverine, or maybe it’s also a team book as well. With nothing solidified it’s hard to say but still curious.
Now finally to the three books that I want to read day one. While I am disappointed that Marvel will be using the Blue/Gold motiff again (they did this in 2011 if you can recall) it means that we could have two distinct teams that feel completely different from each other, giving the readers the choice as to which adventures they want to follow. I just hope that the X-Men editors don’t make it so that you have to buy both books to get a complete story. If you aren’t aware, Cable is one of my favorite X-Men characters and he’s the only character outside of Wolverine where I want to see his badass time traveling adventures. I don’t care what the premise is at this point, just give me Cable being the veteran ass kicker and I’ll be there for issue one.
What are your thoughts on the X-Men currently and the X-Men once ResurrXion starts? Let me know in the comments below.