Pete Woods Becomes Archies New Artist!

by | Dec 20, 2016

Happy holidays everyone I hope that wherever you’re reading this your plans are running smoothly and you’re surrounded by loved ones! One of my personal favorite comics from last year and into 2016 was the Archie “reboot” by Mark Waid and murders row of talented artists. As we enter prepare for 2017, veteran artist Pete Woods has joined the ranks.

I should be more vocal about artists that I deeply enjoy, but Pete Woods has been one of my personal favorites since I first discovered his work in 2009 when he was the main artist for the Superman: New Krypton and while he’s mainly been working on superhero or science fiction comics which allows me to wow people with images that can never be replicated in any other media. Obviously Archie is far from the superhero genre, but Pete Woods is someone who understands how sequential storytelling. So many artists that I see on various comics don’t have that particular skill down just yet.
Given that Archie is a story that very character driven, you need an artist who can tell a story without using crazy layouts. It also helps that Wood’s art leans towards a very animated style. It’s not completely cartoony, but it’s also not realistic which perfectly fits how I’ve visualized Archie for the past year and a half. There is no word on how long Pete Woods will remain on the book, but given the recent rotation of artist recently it will most likely be only for an arc but at this point in time it’s difficult to tell.
Before I go, I have to reiterate that Archie is a comic that brings me joy each time it comes out. This a comic that stays true to its roots but still accessible to readers who never gave Archie the time of day before. It proves that you don’t need drugs or sex to tell a compelling drama surrounding teenagers. Hopefully the Riverdale TV show follows a similar suit, but I have my reasons to doubt. What are your thoughts on Pete Woods becoming the new Archie artist? Let me know in the comments below!