Peter Dinklage In Avengers Infinity Wars?

by | Jan 12, 2017

Just when you think you’ve have the roster of actors set for the biggest comic book movie of all time, Variety is reporting that Peter Dinklage is possibly joining the cast of the Avengers: Infinity War. No official report on who Dinklage might be playing, but read further on and I give my thoughts on who Mr. Dinklage should play in the grand Marvel epic.

Now before I actually go into who I think Dinklage will play, I was a bit shocked to see that Avengers: Infinity War part one will release May of next year. Which is absolutely mind boggling to me that we’re near the conclusion of this grand story that Marvel has been weaving since Iron Man first debuted in 2008. Then you look at the actors that have graced the MCU and you (pun intended) marvel at they’ve achieved. I suspect I’ll feel the same way as Infinity War draws ever closer.
Back on the subject of who should Peter Dinklage play, I know that most fans want him to play Uatu: The Watcher given that Fox and Marvel/Disney at least to our knowledge have no intention of working together in the vain of Sony partnering up with the mouse, I highly doubt that we’ll see Uatu at all. Besides I want my personal own fan theory that Stan Lee is The Watcher and that’ll be revealed in a post credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War part 2.
So who should Peter Dinklage should play? Well if I had my ultimate choice, I only have one choice for the veteran actor and since this film will be based off the Infinity Gauntlet story I want Dinklage to play…..
Yes I want Peter Dinklage to play the physical embodiment our the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know it’s not a physical role, but I believe that Dinklage’s voice acting will be amazing for this actor as he’ll bring that sense of grandeur one expects with an entity like Eternity. More than likely Dinklage will play a humanoid person but I would love if Marvel just pulled out all the stops and let general audiences feel the cosmic side of Marvel, the side that Marvel comics fans have known for decades.
Who do you think Peter Dinklage should play for Avengers Infinity War? Let me know in the comments below!