Post Credit Scenes In Marvel Comics?

by | Jan 11, 2018


The post credit sequence. From what I can remember it was X-Men The Last Stand that first introduced this concept to the superhero films, it has since then become a staple of superhero movie culture. So starting this month in select comics Marvel has added post credit scenes. I realize this not that new, but after seeing it in execution I needed to give my thoughts.

Mimicking Doesn’t Work

Ever since Iron Man exploded back in 2008, Marvel Comics has done almost everything to make that success theirs. From taking away the classic version of Nick Fury and replacing him with his son (Nick Fury Jr), to reshaping characters backstories to fit with what the MCU did. Now Marvel comics will constantly tell you other wise, but the proof is in the very comic they print. Now perhaps with this latest initiative, that isn’t their goal but it feels like it.

These Are Just Epilogues And They Don’t Work

What’s really perplexing is that these “post credit scenes” are just epilogues. At least when you go to a MCU film you know the post credit sequences will at least be related to the film you just watched and it’ll move the story forward. This isn’t the case with the comics version of this practice. The most recent issue of Captain America had him dealing with Kraven, then all of a sudden Wolverine appears. It doesn’t push along any narrative because nothing significant happens. I would get excited each time I waited for a post credit scene to appear. After reading the first one, I just shrugged and moved on with the rest of my day.
I want to applaud the effort, but the execution doesn’t work. I’m pretty confident that most fans will wait for whatever prologue one shot that Marvel will release and just skip out on this dumb process. What are your thoughts on these post credit scenes? Let me know in the comments below.