Premium Cable

by | Aug 10, 2017

Josh Brolin Cable Deadpool
I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it again. We as comic book fans are spoiled. Why exactly are we spoiled this time around? Well if you haven’t noticed the gentleman on the left (who happens to be holding a giant gun), that’s why we are spoiled. That image is our first look with Josh Brolin in full Cable attire. The picture itself has been shared multiple times across and even trended on twitter for hours. Read further on for my thoughts on this first official look at Cable.

I’m honestly not sure if I’ve shared my love for Cable on this site. It’s entirely possible that when Josh Brolin was first announced as the time traveling mutant that I shared my love for Nathan Summers, but I don’t believe I did. I’m not exactly sure why I love Cable, because I was just a child when Nathan Summers hit comic book stands and just by visual appearance alone, Cable isn’t that appealing to kids (well most kids at least). I couldn’t tell you if it was the giant gun or his robotic arm, but something attracted me to Cable. When I woke up Monday morning, I almost cried after seeing one of my personal favorite characters in real life.
This picture alone shows how much love and attention that the team behind Deadpool 2 is pouring into Cable. Seeing the techno organic virus eating at Cable’s arm and neck. I honestly don’t expect the film to delve into to Cable’s history that much but just seeing the virus is such a small detail that could be easily be overlooked and not be apart of his look. Plus how can I not mention the amount of pouches Cable as, a joke back in the 90’s actually looks practical in this picture. I’ve been thinking about the significance behind the teddy bear that’s on Cable’s leg and it’s only one of two things. It’s either a joke gift from Deadpool or it’s a childhood toy that Nathan has kept with him despite his war through time. Either way this image of Cable sold me on Josh Brolin playing him, what are your thoughts on this Cable image? Let me know in the comments below!