Punisher Netflix Trailer!

by | Sep 22, 2017

If you’re unlike me then you probably saw the post credit teaser for Punisher. Sadly that teaser didn’t satisfy enough people, so we all patiently waited for another trailer. Hell the Punisher PR team sent out tweets in morse code that had the episode titles hidden within them. Well finally we have an official trailer! Read further on for my thoughts on the trailer for The Punisher on Netflix!

If you haven’t seen Daredevil season 2 by this point, then I hope this trailer proved to you that Jon Bernthal is the perfect choice to bring Frank Castle to life. Yes Frank Castle has had three different actors portray his path of bullets and blood but none of them bring the intensity that Bernthal has. Typically in Punisher stories, Frank is dehumanized leaving for little character. While some Punisher fans might not enjoy seeing Frank brooding of his murdered family but you need to give The Punisher more emotions so general audiences can connect with him.
If they’re is one aspect that makes me glad that this show is on Netflix it’s the intense violence. While Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist mostly stayed away from the brutal violence, I’m glad that this series will bring back the brutal tone. It was shocking to see it in Daredevil, but for Frank it’s necessary to show how far Frank will go in his quest for vengeance. Despite me oddly looking forward to the violence I wonder how they will pace out said violence over the course of thirteen episodes. I honestly doubt that each episode will have some a giant bloody set piece, but I hope it’s not to far between them.
Also in closing kudos to whoever edited the trailer and synced it with Metallica’s One song. Now if only they would actually say when this series will actually debut. What are your thoughts on the Punisher trailer? Let me know in the comments below!