Punisher War Machine?

by | Oct 27, 2017

I know that this relatively old news, but you would be surprised how much news is generated and ultimately forgotten by the next day. With Marvel Legacy fully underway, we can’t forget about Marvel’s favorite psychopath aka Frank Castle. Frank himself is no stranger to mixing up the stale formula that a Punisher comic can fall into, but this relaunch him wearing War Machine’s armor. Read further on for my thoughts on The Punisher getting his hands on Stark tech.

Immediately I can feel Punisher haters calling bullshit on the idea that Frank Castle could even pilot the War Machine armor don’t read enough Punisher comics. It was during the finale of Greg Rucka’s stellar run on The Punisher that he had Frank fight several members of The Avengers and even take control of the main Iron Man armor, so it can be done. What honestly has me interested the most is how Frank even obtains James Rhode’s armor, but if you read the solicit (won’t spoil it here in case you don’t like reading solicits) then let’s just say it’s should be a pretty cool way of getting him the armor.
What has me even more curious is if this series will reflect Frank’s actions in Secret Empire. For those that didn’t read Secret Empire, Frank was one the characters that decided to join Hydra Steve’s crusade. His justification was that Captain America finally his shared his viewpoint and gave him the tools to eradicate crime on a global level. Frank has never been considered one of the good guys, he’s a lunatic who just happens to have a strict code of honor and a clear love for Captain America. I would love for this series to dive into his head, as continues to process the idea that his idol (well one iteration) was the real villain once and for all. Finally the preview pages for this series look absolutely amazing, I’ve never heard of the artist before but I couldn’t help but get a Steve Dillon vibe from it. What are your thoughts on Frank Castle wearing War Machine’s suit? Let me know in the comments below!