Ranking The Comic Book Movies I Want To See in 2017!

by | Dec 30, 2016

Here it is my final blog of 2016! I’ve talked about some of the movies that will be releasing in 2017. This list isn’t of which film I think will be the best, because I think all of them look amazing so far, but rather what is my own internal hype meter telling me. So without further adieu let’s get on that 2017 hype train!

Yes at the bottom of this here list is Spider-Man’s first solo adventure into the MCU. Namely because at this point we’ve had five Spider-Man films, I’m sure the partnership between Disney and Sony will produce something amazing I’m not exactly dying to see a new Spider-Man reboot yet again. Plus seeing that Robert Downey Junior appears to play a bigger role than intended just irks me a bit.

Spider-Man: Homecoming July 7th 2017


What a shock another MCU film on the bottom half of this list? Just like everyone else I was surprised how much I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, it brought the cosmic aspect to the MCU while also filling theatres with nostalgia of 70’s music. I’m eager to see the next chapter for the Guardians as well as the new editions to the film (EGO THE LIVING PLANET!) but I’m worried that it fall back on the jokes from the first film a bit to much.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 May 5th 2017


Last February audiences we’re treated to Deadpool, and one year later Lego Batman falls in that dreaded spot of film desert. I know it must be crazy to some that I’m more excited to a Lego Batman film over two MCU films, haven’t seen The Lego Film. Will Arnet is nailing the sarcasm for the Lego Dark Knight, if this film has the same level of wit and creativity the Lego Movie had then we might be store for something special for Batman.

Lego Batman February 10 2017


Now we’re getting into the meat and potatoes! Yes I know that not everyone was a fan of Thor: The Dark World, but after seeing that The Hulk will be co-starring with Thor to fight Ragnarok just has me jumping with joy. What’s even crazier is that we haven’t seen anything on this film at all, but once I saw that Doctor Strange would be in it for a while, my ticket to Thor: Ragnarok was sold.

Thor: Ragnarok July 28th 2017


The time has finally come. Ever since Blade, Spider-Man and the X-Men made comic book movies viable in Hollywood all eyes we’re on Warner Brothers and when they would produce a film about Wonder Woman, the most iconic female superhero of all time. I loved Gal Gadot in her small role in Batman V. Superman this past March and it gave me hope that she can and will carry to the torch of a seventy-five year legacy. This summer will be the summer of the Amazon.

Wonder Woman June 2nd 2017


In the sixteen years of comic book films, only two actors have become synonymous with their respective roles. One of them is Robert Downey Junior the other is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Logan is the last time he’ll be playing the iconic Wolverine and that alone makes me want to see it. Also seeing X-23 in a film for the first time and having Sir Patrick Stewart acting side by side with Jackman spells gold for film buffs. I’m gonna miss you see Mr. Jackman you will always be The Wolverine in my eyes.

Logan March 2nd 2017


In a year of landmark films and final bows only one film has been so excited that I can barely contain it. When the Avengers debuted in 2012 it took the world by storm and I know that Batman V. Superman didn’t inspire confidence into audiences but the fact that at 27 years old I’m gonna see a big budget Justice League movie. Given that BVS had such a negative backlash WB and Zach Synder have no choice but to pull out all the stops with the first ever Justice League movie. This is history being made, the most iconic superhero team of the last 60 years finally hits the big screen and I’m already waiting in line for my seat.

November 27th 2017

That’s a wrap for 2016 ladies and gentlemen and 2017 looks to be amazing based on the films scheduled to release next year! What comic book movies are you looking forward to next year! Let me know in the comments below!