You All Should Read Mech Cadet Yu

by | Nov 16, 2017

If you’re similar to me then you might listen to several comic book podcasts or just follow tons of comic book fans on twitter, then you might know what question is constantly asked. “What good comics for kids?” Even though they’re a plethora of comics aimed towards kids but I can add one more that pile. Read further on for my thoughts on the first four issues of Mech Cadet Yu.

Now I know that me calling Mech Cadet Yu a kids comic is a slight disservice to Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa, if anything Mech Cadet Yu is the best all ages comic I’ve read in quite some time. Sadly some misinformed people put all ages comics into kids comics, when really all ages means you could hand it to anyone and chances are they’ll love it. In only four issues Greg Pak was able to tell a complete story, within four issues. The long trend of modern comics is the drawing the story out longer than it sometimes needs to. None of the four issues of Mech Cadet Yu felt like filler and each issue felt like a complete story within themselves.
One other aspect that I enjoyed of Mech Cadet Yu is that Pak found the perfect balance between world building and character development. Pak was able to give just enough of a sample of the world without compromising the core story. Not every question is answered and that’s perfectly fine, not everything needs an immediate answer. What really sold me on this series was Takeshi Miyazawa’s art. I love his blend of manga and classic western line work, it gives Mech Cadet Yu a distinct visual look that separates itself from other comics that inhabit the same genre.
If you love giant robots fighting alien monsters, or if you love the underdog finally getting a chance to prove himself then you’ll love this series. Plus I was pleased to learn that this series is now an ongoing series. The first trade hits this January, so save some of that Christmas money and buy Mech Cadet Yu.