The Return Of The Ultimate Universe?

by | Apr 13, 2018


Nothing ever dies in the world of superhero comics. Not even dead universe are safe from that resurrection button. Remember when DC wiped out the multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths, then ten years later brought it back with Zero Hour? Back in 2015 during the Secret Wars event, Marvel ended The Ultimate Universe. Well it looks like Marvel has plans to bring the UU back. Read further on for my thoughts on this universal return!

Should The Ultimate Universe Come Back?

Personally I’m going to side with no. The Ultimate Universe wasn’t just another universe filled with variations of classic Marvel characters. The UU was attitude, a tone that separated itself from the MU. As the years went on, the waters between both universes became diluted. The bold storytelling that defined the UU was now apart of the mainstream MU. This was the same problem that the UU had it’s last relaunch before Secret Wars. The universe lacked an identity. Given Marvel’s current tone I doubt they can bring back the magic that once made the Ultimate Universe glorious.

A Place For Legacy Characters?

If you’re not aware, one of the biggest complaints that certain fans have voiced is the forcing out of older characters in favor of new ones. Jane Foster as Thor, Riri Williams as Iron Man, etc etc. Could this new Ultimate Universe be a place for these characters that didn’t catch on in the MU? If I could trust Marvel to actually use these characters in bold interesting ways that couldn’t be done in the Marvel U, then I would be all in for this idea. If Marvel were to do this, they would only be sweeping that perceived problem underneath the rug. It would also be a disservice to readers who are fans of those characters.
Several Ultimate Universe characters are back due to various events. So whether I like it or not, that shambled UU will resurrect before 2018 is over. I just hope Marvel actually does something to give it’s identity back. Hell I put the slow decline of the UU at the hands of Jeph Loeb but that’s for another time. What are your thoughts on the return of the UU? Let me know in the comments below!