Action Comics #1000

by | Apr 19, 2018


80 years ago, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created an American icon. Flash forward to 2018 and Action Comics has officially hit it’s 1000th issue. Not only has DC brought on a cornucopia of talented created to celebrate The Man of Steel. Not only that but this issue is also the debut of Brian Michael Bendis’s work for DC. Did drop the ball with this landmark issue? Read further on for my thoughts on AC #1000.

Bendis Debut Hit or Miss?

The biggest question I had was how Brian Michael Bendis would translate to DC. Having read his Marvel work for over a decade, I generally know what to expect when I read a Bendis comic. His short story didn’t feel like a typical Bendis comic and I consider that a good thing. There were etchings of Bendis but that was mostly centered around the dialog. Instead of forcing Jim Lee to draw Superman talking for a couple of pages, Bendis allows for Lee to use his strengths and bring a bombastic conclusion to this landmark chapter. As for the twist itself, I don’t consider it that big of a dynamic change as of right now.
I would imagine if you’ve haven’t read Superman in quite sometime and you decided to read Action Comics 1000 then the final page should throw you for a loop. The bottom line Bendis impressed me with the small showcase. I was excited for Bendis writing Superman before and I’m even more excited now.

No Bad Story In Action 1000

What really amazed me with this piece of history is the quality of stories that DC presented. In most cases anthology stories are very hit and miss, however that was the complete opposite in regards to Action Comics #1000. Each story perfectly captured what makes Superman great, while telling different stories. My personal favorite has to go to Tom King and Clay Mann’s story because of how much it broke my heart. Hell I started to smile and cry at the opening story by Dan Jurgens.
I understand that Superman in today’s society isn’t considered cool, but Superman was never about being cool. Superman is about doing the right thing no matter what and the creative teams behind this gigantic issue understood that. Happy birthday Superman, thank you for all the memories.

Action Comics #1000 earns a 5/5