Avengers Infinity War

by | May 3, 2018


The time has arrived. I realize this particular review is about a week late, but I needed time to process my thoughts. This movie has been the looming shadow since Avengers 1 back in 2012. After twelve more additional films after Avengers 1, we’ve arrived at our final destination. Did this film live up to it’s lofty expectations? Was it worth the Ten year wait? Did Thanos really reference Deadpool? That last part isn’t true, but continue on for my review of Infinity War. The following review will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Thanos A Changed Mad Titan?

I need to address the biggest deviation from the source material this film makes. That change being the motivation and characterization of The Mad Titan: Thanos himself. Thanos in the comics is obsessed with death and will do anything to gain her affection, and the teaser from Avengers 1 was any indication that goofy concept would remain intact. Thanos in this film is nothing like his comic counterpart. Thano’s perceives himself as a savior to a dying universe, but it doesn’t stop there. The Russo Brothers attempted to humanize Thanos and I while I didn’t hate the change, I felt they went a bit to far. Namely the scene where Thanos has to kill Gamora to obtain the soul stone and he cries. I’m not upset at this direction but I’m also not a fan of humanizing a villain like Thanos to that degree. Josh Brolin still delivered an amazing peformance but I wasn’t expecting such a drastic departure.

The Russo Brothers Do It Again!

Under the wrong filmmakers, this film could have been a disaster. Given the sheer amount of main characters, this film hit nearly hit all its marks. Most characters got to have their moment to shine but I’m glad that the film does center around a core group of Avengers that bring the emotional moments together. My only real criticism for Infinity War was that Thor making Stormbreaker had more screen time than it needed. Don’t get me wrong I loved seeing Thor pal around with Rocket and Groot but it felt like it could have been cut down. However the film still delivers the epic scale that the trailers promised and man I haven’t felt this tense in a movie in quite some time.

That Ending Though

So if you’ve read Infinity Gauntlet you know that Thanos snaps his fingers and kills half the universe. Before this film came out I wanted that to happen but given that this film is being produced by Disney I didn’t have hope. As heroes began to fade away my jaw fell to the floor. You can be a cynical asshole about the death of the heroes but if you let yourself become part of the moment, you’ll find yourself in a situation that calls back to when Darth Vader told Luke that he was his father. Plus the moment that Spider-Man started to beg for life, I admit that tears started to fall from my face. It ended on a somber note, a bold choice but I ultimately believe it was the right choice.
Infinity War was far from a perfect film but the sheer spectacle wins the day. It had enough emotional resonance to connect audiences on a deeper level than previous Avengers films and it knew when to pull out humor and when to beat the audience with that never ending darkness. I can’t wait to watch this film again.

Avengers Infinity Wars gets a 5/5