Catwoman #1 The Wedding Aftermath

by | Jul 6, 2018


The wedding has come and gone. Now rest your heads comic fans, I won’t spoil Batman 50 right away. Honestly if you haven’t had it spoiled by now, I will honestly be surprised. Perhaps you have more discipline than I do. Will this series starring Selena Kyle be a bold new era for her? Read further on for my thoughts on Catwoman #1. Warning there will be spoilers. You have been warned.


Best Looking New Series

Before I go into the writing, it’s the art that will steal the show. Joelle Jones is by far one the best pencilers currently working in comics. Her characters ooze personality, her storytelling is perfection to the eye. Not only that, but Jones can set the mood without a heavy emphasis on dialog. Of course she’s gonna understand the importance of art in a comic, but not every artist turned writer executes that balances well. Jones brings the sexiness that one expects when reading a Catwoman comic, but it’s tasteful and not simple fan service. However there was one aspect that made the art in this issue soar was Laura Allred’s coloring.
The comics that Joelle Jones has drawn always were darkly colored, it didn’t hurt her art by any means but that’s it’s something I’ve noticed. Allred’s coloring in this comic pop right off the page. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bright comic, it’s more subdued than when she’s coloring her husband Mike but it’s just enough light to capture the readers attention. It reminds me of how some noir movies would have a high contrast for certain colors, making the viewer focus on certain aspects. The art of this issue will sell you on this series alone

Strong Writing From Joelle Jones

Now I’m fully aware that Jones has written before, but I haven’t had the luxury to read Lady Killer. I wasn’t sure what to expect. If there’s one thing I look for when a new writer begins a new journey with a well established character I look for consistency. Selena is still the woman that we all know and love, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Selena actually feel vulnerable. She still retains her strong personality, but I find a more relatable than ever before. I loved the slowed down pacing, I couldn’t but feel that I was reading a noir comic but in a modern setting. For only having a written two series before this #1, I am deeply impressed with Joelle Jones’ writing. As long as she’s writing and drawing I won’t be dropping this comic any time soon.

Catwoman #1 earns a 5/5