REVIEW: Justice League No Justice #1

by | May 10, 2018


Remember when I stated that the Justice League needed a revamp? Well after the events of Dark Knights: Metal, the DCU just got a lot bigger. So of course that means a bigger League team to combat new threats. Justice League: No Justice is the first chapter of a weekly series that will serve as prologue. Does it set up a bold new era for the JL? Warning the following review will contain spoilers, so remember to read your copy before continuing on.

Gorgeous Art From Francis Manupaul

Regardless of how I feel about the direction that DC is taking the Justice League, the art by Francis Manupaul is beautiful. In today’s comic market there are few instances of varying styles. Manupaul captures the epic feel that DC wants for the latest iteration of the league. I’m not simply talking about the giant Death Giants, but the heroes themselves have a larger than life glow to them. Plus I love the amount of detail that Manupaul puts into pages, small stuff that most readers will skim over as they read. Great job from Manupaul.

A Classic Trope On A Bigger Scale

As much as I loved the scale that Scott Synder and his team have in store for the DCU, However the idea of Brainiac being the catalyst for this team just doesn’t sit well with me. Once Brainiac reveals his true intentions, he becomes a completely different character. The idea of villains teaming up with heroes to stop a bigger threat stopped being a big deal in 2005. I understand that this threat is bigger, but you’re telling me they have recruit villains and not the other hundreds of heroes to this new set of teams. It just feels very contrived to include the likes of Sinestro, and Lex Luthor.
Overall this first chapter delivered the epic feeling that I’ve wanted from DC for quite some time. While I’m not a fan of including villains, the heroes that are apart of this mini series is pretty substantial. I’m putting all my chips in on this new era for the JL.