Phoenix Resurrection #1

by | Dec 28, 2017


Months ago we knew Jean would be coming back. I even gave my thoughts on this matter back in September. 2017 is only a few days from ending so why not end it with fire. Warning they’re will be spoilers going forward. So before you start celebrating 2018 read Phoenix Resurrection before reading this review. You have been warned.

Art Problems

When I saw Leinil Franic Yu was going to pencil Phoenix Resurrection, I was ecstatic. However the glaring problem for this debut chapter was the art. Part of it comes from my high expectations for Yu’s art. The other part is that certain pages didn’t even look like Yu’s art. I’m not sure if he changed his style or if the inking was bad on certain pages. What’s baffling is that some pages do look retain the style that is familiar to Yu’s past work. Overall the artwork was inconsistent from start to finish. What’s even more depressing is that the following issues are all by different artist. Way to go Marvel.

To Vague?

Now before you tear into me, hear me out. I am not the comic reader who wants all the answers right up front. However I do believe in the notion that sometimes writer try to much to make certain aspects of their stories seem incoherent at the start. Then once the series concludes we can all see their genius. Only one writer has done that successfully and his name is Grant Morrison. I’m willing to give Matthew Rosenburg the benefit of the doubt, but issue one of reviving Jean Grey should have a bit more clarity. Now the twist ending which shows that a Scott Summers (along with Banshee) was an unexpected twist ending.

Final Verdict

Perhaps it was my own expectations that made me not enjoy this issue as much as I wanted. Seeing Jean already alive by the end of the first issue removes one mysterious element and installs another via similar events world wide. Given that we already know that Jean will be running her own X-Men team by February this mini series had it’s legs cut out before it even started. Combine that with inconsistent art and this issue was much to be desired.

Phoenix Resurrection Earns a 2/5