RIP Bernie Wrightson

by | Mar 22, 2017

Time is the greatest foe that one we shall never defeat. No matter what your belief system at the end of the day our physical forms enter the ground and the only thing we leave behind is what we create. Sadly this past weekend, the comics community said goodbye to a legend. Rest in Peace Bernie Wrightson.

I may only be 27 years old, and I came pretty late to discovering Bernie Wrightson’s hauntingly beautiful art late into my reading experience his art left an impact on me. Before 2011 I had never heard of Swamp Thing and if I did I assumed it was joke character that nobody talked about because he wasn’t referenced in any DC comic I read from 2006 to 2011. When I heard the big reveal for the Brightest Day event (remember that folks) was the return of Swamp Thing it was like the flood gates had opened and I heard two names that were synonymous with Swamp Thing was Moore and Wrightson. Yes I’m aware that Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson but I knew who Alan Moore was I had no idea who Bernie Wrightson was.
This lead me to purchasing Roots of The Swamp Thing and what stuck with me was the art. Despite being a creature made of moss and various planets Swamp Thing still felt very human yet terrifying at the time. On the surface it’s an extension of what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did with Ben Grimm in the 1960’s but with horror elements instead of science fiction. It wasn’t just Swamp Thing himself that impressed me, but the use of shadows and the amazing detailed backrounds giving life to this terrifying world.
No matter how late you discover a certain creator, it’s never to late to honor their work and treasure the beauty they brought into this otherwise dull world. Rest in Peace Mr. Wrightson and thank you for co creating Swamp Thing.