Riverdale Series Premiere Trailer

by | Dec 1, 2016

I have confession to make. Up until last year I had no real investment into the world of Archie and friends. I am a Johnny come lately as I started with the “modern” Archie written by Mark Waid with a slew of amazing artists. Now this January Archie comes to life thanks to the CW.

Despite being around for the same amount of time as both Batman and Superman as I stated earlier I had little to no interest to read Archie at all. However I have to commend the current regime of over at Archie for the past several years. The first splash that I first took notice was Archie exploring one reality in which he was married to Veronica, and the other reality married to Betty. Following that up was the introduction of Kevin Keller the first openly gay character in the comics entire history, and of course the critically acclaimed Afterlife with Archie. Along with the upcoming show it’s a testament to this company that after seventy-five years they’re not afraid to try bold new things. As for the trailer……
With this show on the CW, it’s going to have a similar to visual style to other shows. This actually reminds of a Archie fan trailer that was done years ago as darker version of the light hearted comic series. It’s easy to say that this version of Archie isn’t targeted towards classic fans, but rather it the existing audience that watches CW’s programming week to week. If you as a fan of Archie are going into this series expecting anything resembling the classic line was only deluding themselves. Despite that claim, I hope the show doesn’t cross certain lines when it comes to the characters. Tense drama can be obtained with how resulting in killings, pointless sex, and drugs. While the trailer doesn’t show any of the previously mentioned (it is a more sexed up Archie though) I hope the writers know when to restrain themselves. Are you looking forward to Riverdale this January? Let me know in the comments below!