Robert Kirkman to End Invincible Series With Issue #144

by | Aug 18, 2016

In an era of comics filled with constant renumberings, there have very few series that have lasted more than three years before an editorial shift ends a comic. It would seem like it would never end but Robert Kirkman is ending Invincible next year ending one of the longest current comic series of recent memory.

Chances are if you haven’t read a single issue of Invincible, you’ve definitely heard of Robert Kirkman with the success of the Walking Dead. Starting in January 2003 Invincible followed the journey of Mark Grayson as a superhero. While I’m not caught up on Invincible as I would like to be, I’m not that far off and I will say this series should go down as one of the best superheroes of this current generation of comics. Kirkman and artists Corey Walker and Ryan Ottley were able to breathe new life into a type a comic that many considered played out. Kirkman was able to flesh out not only Mark’s supporting cast but the entire world, playing with the tropes of superhero comics and turning them up on their head.
I honestly thought that this series would forever continue, with Kirkman leaving the book and someone else picking up the mantle after he left. In the letter linked above Kirkman even mentions this, but even in today’s current comic market the sales just were not there. While I am depressed that a staple for Image comics will be leaving the shelves come late 2017, I’m glad that Kirkman and Ottley are able to tell their own story before they close the curtains.
With Marvel Now and DC Rebirth reshuffling their line ups and you’re a reader who is just tired of all the bullshit that comes along with it and you haven’t read Invincible now, well know is the perfect time to start. Now only Spawn and Savage Dragon remain as the highest continued numbered series to date. I don’t count Detective or Action Comics because they stopped going by their original numbering five years ago.
The end of Invincible is perfectly titled The End of All Things and will be a twelve issue story arc, and epic finale to an epic series. In short, thank you Robert Kirkman, Corey Walker, and Ryan Ottley for bringing this wonderful universe to life. As they say, Legends never die keep reading folks.

Invincible: Then End of All Things Starts with issue #133 ends with #144