Roll Back The Clock Marvel Knights Is Coming Back!

by | Jul 28, 2018

SDCC is a black holes for news. With movies and television dominating the press headlines, the actual comic book news tends to get buried. One of the more interesting announcements came from Marvel. Coming this November Marvel Knights will be relaunching with Donny Cates as the show runner. Read further on for my thoughts on the imprint that rekindled the flame for Marvel Comics.


Point of Marvel Knights?

For those that may not remember, the original MK was a experiment in both talent and production. Not only were the stories bolder, with unusual creative teams (Kevin Smith wrote Daredevil) but the comics themselves had a higher production value. However as time went on, the magic that was MK would eventually be the standard for the entire line of Marvel Comics. So outside of a nostalgia trip, why should Marvel Knights as a imprint make a return?
It could be that Marvel may want to use this imprint to tell self contained stories again, without worrying if they fit into continuity. Now I wouldn’t mind that approach, but if they do go in that direction I would prefer this newly returned line be a series of OGN’s. Allow readers outside of LCS’s to read a story about Iron Man or Iron Fist without worrying if Tony is losing is mind or if Danny Rand loses his ability. Lord knows even I want something that doesn’t connect to a larger story every once in a while.
So far the only real information we have is that Donny Cates will be acting as the show runner, and that he and Mike Deadato will be doing a one shot titled MK 20 #1 in November. It’s honestly hard to say whether or not this is a good venture. Having Donny Cates apart this new initiative does help as he is one of Marvel’s fastest rising talents.
What are your thoughts on this announcement? Let me know in the comments below!