Secret Empire Final Thoughts!

by | Aug 31, 2017

With September just around the corner, that means another Marvel event has just concluded (under normal circumstances). The controversial heel turn of Steve Rogers from beloved American hero to Supreme Leader of Hydra brought discussion and death threats, but now it’s over. So what did I think about Secret Empire as one piece? Will it hold up in the pantheon of Marvel events? Read further on for my thoughts on Secret Empire.

The biggest flaw that Secret Empire had from start to finish was the multiple artists working on different issues. I need to make it clear that the interludes drawn by Rod Reis were not the problem as when you consider the overall purpose of those sections. When you go from Daniel Acuna to Steve McNiven to Leinil Francis Yu to Andrea Sorrentino that’s going to be a problem. It would be one aspect if each of these artists shared similar styles, but they don’t. It’s a whiplash that would take me out of the story constantly. I would have been fine if the series was done between Acuna and Sorrentino because at leas their styles compliment each other. I know they’re are some that might refer to Infinity Gauntlet as precedent of multiple artists one one series, and to that I say Infinity Gauntlet still suffers at the end with lack of George Perez art.
You know how Marvel says “you don’t need to read tie-ins to understand the core story.” Well while that was true for some of their previous events, that wasn’t the case for Secret Empire. If the series wasn’t directly telling me that I needed to read the other books to get a better grasp on the story, certain characters would disappear only to show up a few issues later. Overall that aspect will hurt the book in it’s longevity among comic fans.
Despite my complaints, I personally enjoyed the story overall. Given our current political state, it was really bizarre to see Steve Rogers act in this fashion. Bear in mind I didn’t read his solo series, but how casually he gave the order to lay waste to Las Vegas or his talk with Bruce Banner to bring out the Hulk. All spine chilling because it’s Captain America behind Hydra. Yes Secret Empire is far from perfect and the ending was as predictable as you would imagine it to be, I still had a fun ride.

Secret Empire earns a 7/10